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Winter Cycling Training Camps

Tired of training indoors during the cold winters at home? Then book a sunny winter training camp in Israel between November and March!

Why choose to train in Israel with us?

Perfect weather throughout fall-winter-spring!

There is no snow nor ice and temperatures usually stay above* 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit)

*depending on area

Long daylight hours

During the winter the sun rises at about 7 am and sets at about 5 pm, leaving plenty of daylight time to cycle

Safe roads

Most roads are newly paved and you can comfortably ride on them with 23 mm tires.

On Saturdays there is much less trafic than the weekdays and during the weekdays there are many newly paved side roads with little traffic on them. 

A large variety of routes

Routes available for all types of rides: flat, rolling hills, 1/2/3 cat climbs as well as great HC climbs (there are 3 HC climbs, each 30 km long)

Trained and experienced staff

Personal trainers, medics, sports dietitians and UCI licensed drivers for escrot cars

Professional trasnportation for bike

Cars with professional bike racks or other professional bike trasnport solutions 


We can get great rates for all level of accomodation in Israel

Sites of interest

Israel is a great tourist destination with many things to do and see after you’re done cycling for the day. Tour the Old City of Jerusalem, visit famous archaeological sites and enjoy the best beaches in the Middle East!

Culinary hotspot

Israel is known for its culinary diversity: from the best vegan options to unique ethnic dishes belonging to the many different cultures that make up the Israeli society. And of course no visit to Israel is complete without tasting local delicacies in the famous open markets in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,

Packages available

  • Option for guided or self guided

  • Option for personal trainer and professional consulting staff 

  • Option to rent a bike or bring your own

  • Option to base camp in single city or have a roaming camp

  • Option for camp for single person and up to 50 people

  • Option for arranging all levels of accomodation 



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