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Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat Tour

Along the Border With Egypt

The topography of the outskirts of Jerusalem offers avid cyclists great opportunities to test their legs on the many different climbs.

Tour Overview

See Strava of the tour HERE

The length of the route can be adjusted and/or shortened based on the level of physical fitness and time available. 

It is recommended to stay overnight in Eilat and return the next day (not included in the price quote below)

1. Length - 150 km 

2. Total ascent - 1300 m 

3. Terrain - rolling hills

4. Cycling time frame- 8-10 hours (not including 5-6 hour drive back to Tel Aviv) 

5. Weather - in the summer it can reach 45 degrees Celsius, in winter can reach 5-15 degrees Celsius. Recommended season for tour - all year round (time of pickup will change according to season).

Tour Packages

Classic: cycling guide + escort car


1. Pick up and return to hotel*

2. A professional cycling guide

3. Rental bikes

4. Accessories - saddle, pedals, helmet, water bottles (you can choose to bring your own too)

5. Refreshments, water, energy bars and drink

6. Technical assistance and supplies (i.e in cases of flats)

7. An escorting car + driver to drive behind you as you cycle


  • 1-3 bikes - 2900 ILS 

  • 4-7 bikes (2 cars or large van) - 4200 ILS

  • 8-16 bikes (large van/bus + escort car) - 8100 ILS


* Pick up and return to hotel is included in the price only from Tel Aviv area. If from Jerusalem there is an extra fee of 100 ILS (if elsewhere, fee will be calculated according to distance)

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