Rental Bikes- Ramah 2021

Welcome to the Ramah 2021 Ride! 

We are happy to offer you one of our top-notch rental bikes, and save you the hassle of packing and flying your bike over. 


Reserve your bike by March 1st with no deposit, and receive a 10% discount on  Aluminum and Carbon bikes 

Road Bikes



We keep our road bike fleet up do date, and have the largest fleet in Israel. For independent riders, group rides or an epic trip through the country- our bikes will get you there.

Scroll through pictures to see available models and sizes. 

Prices as following (day/week):

Carbon- $90/ $450  

Aluminum- $40/ $220

Rent a Road Bike 

For many riders, hybrids are the best of all worlds. Allowing you the smooth-riding of a road bike, with upright sitting, and easier control of brakes and gears. 

Prices as following:

$40 /$185 per day/week

Rent a Hybrid

Hybrid Bikes