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כאן אני רוצה טופס הזמנה 

GFNY Jerusalem

Reserve your bike today to ensure a great ride!

We are proud to be official providers to many cycling events that happen in Israel, with drop off and pick up of bikes at start and finish points. 

Fill out the form below and we will contact you with confirmation

Not sure what bike you need? See our selection of the largest bike rental service in Israel

GFNY Jerusalem
GFNY Jerusalem

Bike Prices

Top carbon bike models - see selection here

850 ILS / $246 / 210 Eur​


Quality carbon bikes - see selection here

​750 ILS / $217 / 185 Eur​

Quality aluminum bikes - see selection here

​650 ILS / $188 / 160 Eur​


All bikes DON'T come with:

  • Pedals - due to the limited number of pedals in stock and the many rentals for the event, we require each person to bring their own pedals with them

Accessories for free: 

  • Saddle - basic saddle but we recommend you bring your own saddle for best comfort. If you want us to supply saddle, send a photo of your saddle so we can try and find a matching one in our stock

  • 2 water bottle holders 

  • Alloy wheels

  • Garmin mount (need to be requested in advance and depending on availability)

Accessories for rent:

  • Bike rack for the car -  150 ILS / $45 / 37 Eur for duration of rental

  • Helmet - 100 ILS / $30 / 25 Eur for duration of rental. Please specify your size (S, M, L) if relevant. 

  • Tool kit (including a small hand pump, 2 levers and Allen keys)- 50 ILS / $15 / 12 Eur for duration of rental

  • Co2 pump - rental for 50 ILS / $15 / 12 Eur

  • Power watts crank or set of wheels 400 ILS /  $115 / 99 Eur for rental duration

  • Speedometer (Garmin) - 200 ILS / $60 / 50 Eur for rental duration 

  • Shoes - 100 ILS / $30 / 25 Eur for rental duration

Accessories for purchase:

  • Inner tube-  60 ILS / $17 / 15 Eur per tube

  • Co2 cartridges - purchase from us for 30 ILS / $9 / 7 Eur per tube

  • Water bottles (new for purchase) - 70 ILS / $20 / $17 per bottle  

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Payment is in full in advance via PayPal (5% commission on PayPal transfer is included in the price). If you do not have PayPal, we can issue you a payment request so you can pay without having a PayPal account.

  • Cancellation up until 48 hours before event (until May 1st, 5:59 AM Israel time)  - receive 70% refund

  • Cancellation within 48 hours before event (from May 1st, 6 AM Israel time)- no refund 

Duration of Rental

  • Rental period begins no sooner than May 1st, 6 AM (48 hours prior to event)

  • Bikes will not be supplied less than 10 hours prior to event (May 2nd after 8 PM) 

  • Rental period lasts until the end of the race, upon completion the race 


We highly recommend taking the bike at least 24 hours to get used to it and make sure it is comfortable and there are no technical problems or other adjustments to be made​ 

Bike Delivery and Return

  • Location and exact times of bike supply will be determined at a later time

  • Location of bike return - ONLY at the finish line expo area at the designated tent. Bikes are not to be taken back to hotels after completion of the race


  • Bikes availably is while stock lasts

  • It is important for you to check with your hotel that you can store the bike in the room or in a secure locked place

Register HERE to the GFNY Jerusalem - the most amazing cycling event of the year 

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