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Why do we recommend renting a bike from us and not bringing yours?

From our experience, there are 3 main reasons why renting a bike is better than brining yours from home:

A. It can be a rather expensive and messy business travelling with your bike - the need to take it apart and put it back together again each time before and after you board the plane. You will need to carry tools or find a local mechanic to help you.  

B. Bikes can get lost or broken (as it has happened plenty in the past) on the flight, even if you travel with a special bike suitcase.

C. We have a large fleet of great bikes from size XXS to XXL.


How do I place a bike rental order?​


A. Choose the bike model and size that best fits you


B.  Fill out a bike rental form - follow this link 


How long can I rent the bike for?

Prices are listed per 1 day or 5 days but you can rent it even for a whole month if you would like!


What about insurance?


A. You are responsible for your rental bike and will need to pay for repairs or replacement, should they occur. 

B. There is no insurance coverage for any bodily harm caused to riders due to bike usage

C. By renting a bike from us, we assume that you are fit to do so.


What accessories come free with rental bikes?


A. All bikes come with:

  • A basic saddle but we recommend you bring your own saddle for best comfort. Please let us know what you prefer.

  • 1-2 water bottle cages. 

  • Pedals - unless specified- all bikes will have flat peddals that work for any standard sneaker. We have several different pedal types such as flats, Look, Look, Keo, Shimano SPDR, Speedplay, or MTB. We do however recommend you bring your pedals since if bringing cycling shoes from our experience this works better. 

  • Helmets are provided but we do recommend bring your own form home. 

B. All bikes do not come with:

  • Speedometer - if you wish to rent a speedometer, it is an additional cost of 10 USD.

  • Extra inner tubes / tires - you can take from us (with advanced notice) 1-2 inner tubes for no charge, yet if you use them you will be charged according to usage (paid in cash upon return of bike).

  • Tool kit - you can rent   full tool kit- add $10 (for an exact price quote please let us know in advance)


Where are you located?


Our cycling center is located in the Adulam park which is in the Judean hills. We are at a great location to start a road or mountain bike ride. We are happy to deliver bikes to anywhere in the country, for a fee. 

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