Let's get in contact...

Our office and storage are located in the Judean HIlls, with great acess to a wide veriaty of rides-

there are a few ways to get in-touch with us: 

To reserve a bike- please fill out the bike rental form

Arriving at our location: מפה של גוגל מפות

We are located in the village of Tzafrirm- 

Arrive by car- לינק של גוגל מפות

Arrive by public transportation: 

Contact us by phone: 02-5796353

Contact us by email: rent@bikejerusalem.com 



WhatsApp- 0544262187


A. Rental period / tour date

B. Location of your stay (for bike delivery and return / pickup for tour) 

C. Cycling experience and Strava profile (relevant for cycling tour inquiries)

D. Your height

E. Info of the bike you usually ride - the make, model and size

F. Please send us the following bike seating info:

  1. The height of the saddle from the center of bottom bracket​

  2. The distance from tip of saddle to mid handle bar 

  3. The drop: measure perpendicularly from saddle to ground, and then bar to ground, and take the difference between these two measurements. Use a straight edge on top of the bars, and measure to lower edge of the straight edge (see photo)

2. Handelbar reach
1. Saddle height
3. Drop
whatsapp: +972-54-4262187